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Thanks To All This Hallow’s Eve

Thanks to all who celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treating ON October 31st. (Because that is the date of Halloween, after all.)

Thanks to all who turn the light on, who engage in conversation with their neighbor’s children and enjoy the harmless fun.

Thanks to all who give safe, fun treats and to those who refrain from handing out toothbrushes, fresh fruit and Sun Chips.

Thanks to all who don’t make rude comments to the teens who dress-up to join in the fun. As long as they’re dressed up in the spirit of the season, what’s wrong with a little free candy?

Thanks to all who dress-up in silly or (slightly) scary costumes to answer the door.

Thanks to all who decorate their houses with spooky and fun.

Thanks to all who respectfully quit their trick-or-treating at a reasonable hour.

Thanks to Publix for having buy-one-get-one for Halloween candy the entire month of October. You saved me a boatload of money this year.

Thanks to the drivers who will drive that much slower and be that much more aware tonight.

Thanks to the fun-makers and not the mischief makers. This world needs more fun and so much less mischief.

Thanks to my kids who will graciously share their candy with me this evening – especially anything with chocolate and coconut.

Thanks to all this hallow’s eve.


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