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What Will You Do To Spread Some Magic Today?

I saw this story awhile ago.

It warmed my heart then.

It warms my heart now.

Freddie Wieczorek works part-time at Walt Disney World, checking the bags of the guests who flock to Magic Kingdom. Encouraged to spread the magic, as all Disney employees are encouraged to do, he bought an autograph book and began asking the children who came through the gates dressed in costume for their autograph.

In his 4+ years at Disney he’s collected over 1,400 signatures (sometimes scribbles, depending on the age.) To see their faces light up when they’ve been “mistaken for the real thing” brings him such joy. And he is spreading joy to the child, the parents and those who witness the scene.

It’s no secret I love Walt Disney and the empire he began. I love the magic. I love the joy. I love the many, many employees like Mr. Wieczorek who embrace the Disney philosophy and take it that extra step.

Seeing this photo again reminded me that I don’t have to wait to go to Disney World to experience the magic. I can make my own right here, right now.

What will you do to spread some magic today?


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Yes. There Is Even A Special Day For The Delusional. Happy Festival of Popular Delusions Day!

We all carry our favorite delusions around in our back pocket:

  • The 5-second rule for dropped food.
  • Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States. (For all you conservatives out there.)
  • Sarah Palin believes she can see Russia from her house. (For all you liberals out there.)
  • Global warming. (I just threw that in to irk my husband.)
  • Summer is a great time to get things done while the kids are out of school.
  • Irregardless is not a word. (So sad. It is so widely used it has become “nonstandard” English and now appears in virtually any dictionary. Look it up.) 
  • It takes 7 years for  gum to pass through your digestive system.
  • Eating turkey makes you sleepy. (Actually, ground beef and chicken contain the same amounts of tryptophan as turkey.)
  • Santa Claus. (For all of you. Because I still believe.)
  • That your boyfriend is completely faithful.
  • Saint Patrick was Irish. (He was English.)
  • Walt Disney is being preserved in a cryonic chamber.
  • Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. (When you’re a glass-half-full gal like me? It’s just another day.)

There are things we want to believe because it makes us happy. There are things we believe because it provides order and an explanation, no matter how irrational the belief may be. There are things we want to believe because it gives us hope. There are things we believe, not because we want to, but because we’re too lazy to look it up.

There are things we choose to believe because it’s the world we have created for ourselves and we like it that way.

Put me in that category.

I like my rose colored glasses.

I choose to believe that there can be a world without the need for war or weaponry. I believe in Disney magic and Santa Claus. I believe that the Mayan calendar would start all over again if the Mayans were here to produce a new one. I believe in the 5 second rule. (Depending on the surface on which it falls, of course.)

I choose to believe the unseen truths that comprise my faith. I believe that someday my mortgage will no longer be upside down. I choose to believe that I will not turn into my mother.  I believe that if I break a cookie in half the calories will fall out.  I believe in fairy tales and miracles. I believe that people are born good and fate has a nasty way of twisting those who succumb to evil. I believe in goodness and light and kindness and joy.


Call me delusional.

I don’t care.

I’m much happier this way.


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!!! Is All About The Blog

This week is the anniversary of my blogging days and I’m all about celebrating. (Don’t forget about tomorrow, people!) I still wanted to participate in Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom’s Intentional Happiness !!! project. And then I remembered…

My handy, dandy little notebook where (when I remember it’s in my purse) I jot down post ideas or phrases my kids have said or husband witticisms…

And then there’s the funny, fun doodles by my kids that surprise me when I open up my handy, dandy notebook that always give me a giggle or at least a smile…

I love my Mickey Mouse pen…

I have a lot of Mickey Mouse pens. I have no idea how many I have. I just know they bring me !!! Here are a couple more I found at the bottom of my purse….

I even have my boys hooked on Disney…

Blogging. Right. Back to blogging. My Coca Cola mouse pad brings a smile and makes me thirsty for my favorite drink (never diet). Classic Coke. Elixir of the gods…

Even my old dinosaur of a computer brings me !!! Especially when I’m sitting here, crafting posts for all of my blogging friends…

And then my eye is drawn to my dear pal, Mickey Mouse, hanging out on the futon. Have I mentioned that I love Walt Disney and all of his creations?…

Focus, Jane, focus. We’re talking blogging here, not Walt Disney World. (Sorry, peeps. But I have a secret trip planned for my kids and I am having a heck of a time keeping it a secret. It’s been Disney on the brain ever since I figured out a way to go.) Maybe if I move him over here, closer to the computer, I can concentrate better. There. That’s perfect….

(Sigh. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go.)

For more !!! go to Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.

Don’t forget! Write your post about blogging to help me celebrate my one year in Blog World. We’ll all meet back here tomorrow (August 13) !!! to link, learn and maybe have a few laughs!


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