From Point A to Point C to Point X, Y, Z and Finally To Point B. Or Not.

I have 17 drafts in my draft folder.

Seventeen posts that I started and never finished, dating back to October, 2009.

Considering that’s only 4 posts a year, on average, that I start and don’t finish? I’m feeling pretty good about myself. But that statistic doesn’t include all the other posts, the amazing, captivating, change your life posts that never make it to my computer screen. The ones that dance in my head for 2, maybe 5 minutes before another distraction sends them spiraling into the lost post abyss.

My life is a series of crooked lines. I’m sure many of you can relate. We sit down to begin a blog post. That brilliant idea that we had just moments ago, just itching to get down on the screen. We struggle with a title. Or not. A couple of my drafts are just brilliant titles that actually stayed in my head until the computer booted up.

And then, it happens.

The dryer buzzes and we get up to hang up those few things that dance the rotten-apple-wrinkle in two minutes flat. We dump the rest of the laundry on our bed, promising to get back to it and then throw another load in the washer. The dog is standing by the door, so we let him out. Someone left syrup on the breakfast bar so we wipe it down. We remember we forgot to take our herbs so we pour a glass of water and wash them down. We sit down at the computer only to have our son come downstairs, wanting a snack. We point him in the direction of the pantry but we realize he really just wants to connect with us, so we stand in the kitchen while he eats and talks about summer vacation plans and playing minecraft and how he misses his friends from his old school.

Then, we finally sit back down at the computer to write and that stellar title means nothing now or the brilliant blog post idea has lost its fire.

And by “we” and “our,” I mean “I” and “my”. Because all of that just happened, moments ago when I sat down to write a dazzling post about my ever growing draft folder.


Ahhh, to go from point A to point B without any detours. Some nights, I just want to go to bed and not put the shoes and backpacks by the door and load the dishwasher and jot down the errand I will most surely forget by morning. I want to sit up and say, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” And do just that.

Or write a blog post without interruption. (No, it’s almost lunch time. You may not have another snack.) Or take a shower and get dressed with answering 20 questions from my husband. Or clean a room from top to bottom without starting another more pressing project in between, leaving both chores unfinished.



What’s that?


The dog is barking to be let in.

I’ll be right back.

Or not.


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8 responses to “From Point A to Point C to Point X, Y, Z and Finally To Point B. Or Not.

  1. Ah but you are so good at multi-tasking Jane! 😀

  2. Jane,

    I agree. Momentum to do one thing regularly is a discipline that is hard to master. I struggle with it too.

    But hey, life often needs us and we live as you aptly describe, via “crooked lines. We get to this space when we can.

    Glad to see your words, friend.


  3. Rob

    First, I thought how organized and responsive you are to your family and home.

    Then, I laughed at the ending. And, I am jealous that you can let your dog out and in. I must walk mine three times per day.

    Straight lines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. It is the crooked lines that make life interesting – and sometimes fun!

  4. Oh, you were definitely right when you said “we.”

    Thanks for slipping in that bit about wanting to just go to bed without preparing 20 things. If I skip it tonight, tomorrow will be a crazy adrenaline freakfest. If I do all the things that make the morning easier, I’m exhausted and it’s a crazy adrenaline freakfest. And neither option gets anything good written.

    Except in your case, obviously. Nice post.

  5. Yep. I can relate.
    And then there’s the flip side: when you have time to jot down a title or a sentence and then come back to it and wonder what in the world you meant by it.

  6. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to do a post on my son turning 13, but I have to go down to the basement computer where all the old pictures are stored, and when I get down there I check on the laundry first and then the computer is slow and then the phone rings and …. yeah. So, birthday post is already over a month late. Sigh.

  7. Totally my life. I used to jot down my ideas before I forgot them, but now I find I’m too busy to do that. Yesterday I threatened to take away video games if the boys didn’t let me write. Not my best parenting move, I’ll admit.

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