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Oh, How I Love Where I Live

Took the boys hiking – practically in our backyard.  Gotta love our spring break stay-cation.

Oh, how I love where I live.

duke creek

Me and my honey. (Before the bangs frizzed up.)


The yellow tape? Where beavers chewed through to grab the bars for their lodge. Pesky little beavers!



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And Now We Know The Spammers Are Feelin’ Pretty Good About Themselves



I get a big kick out of the spam we receive on our blogs. Especially the ones that mangle the English language. At least, worse than I do.

Weblogs. Foreign writing. Advertisements. Lower case “i” for “I.” Dropping prepositions. Adding prepositions. Embedded links every 7 words.

But today, on World Mental Health Day, I received this:

“Superior Morning, I just stopped in to visit your site and thought I’d say I liked myself.”

How appropriate!

May you all have a wonderful World Mental Health Day and may you like yourself as much as my new favorite spammer!

Have A Superior Day!



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Describe My Sex Life With A Movie Title? Why Stop There?

My Life In Movie Titles


My childhood – Alice in Wonderland

Adolescence – Clueless

My teaching days – Dances With Wolves

My single days – Pitch Perfect (but I didn’t realize it then)

My sex life – Beauty and the Beast

The past two years – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest or Psycho (take your pick)

Yesterday – The Lost Weekend

Today – Any Which Way You Can

Tomorrow – Hope Springs (because it has to)

My kids – The Incredibles

My husband – Braveheart

My readers, especially the faithful “commenters” – A League Of Their Own (you are all so very, very amazing!)


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I Wholeheartedly Agree. The End.



August 24, 2013 · 8:58 pm

10 Things I Never Dreamed In A Million Years I’d Say. (Okay. Maybe In A Million. But Certainly Not In 100 Years.)

About a year ago, I was bemoaning the fact that it’s 2012 and we still don’t have flying jet packs.

And then, yesterday, as my children were calling for me a flight of stairs away (Do your children scream downstairs for you, too? One of my big pet peeves. Yet, I always respond. What is wrong with me?) words left my lips that sounded so foreign, so odd, but made perfect sense to my tech-savvy self. (Okay. I’m not very tech savvy. At all. But when I said #3, I felt like the perfect techno-geek.)

It got me thinking. When I was sitting in Algebra class, oh-so-many-years-ago, and we were sitting around figuring out how old we’d be in the year (gasp!) 2000 and wailing “We’re going to be sooooo oooollllddddd!” (36 years) besides the ancient age of 36, there were many other things we never could have imagined. So many other things we never could have predicted would come from our fossilized and parentified lips.

1. How can you have any dessert when you haven’t eaten your meat?

2. Boy, that Zumba class really kicked my butt this morning.

3. Hold on. I need to turn off my book.

4. I just hit 190 followers on my blog!

5. Because I said so.  (Or some similar version.)  (Okay. Not very original. But when we heard that as kids we all vowed we’d never say it. Am I right?)

6. Honey, don’t forget to charge the car.

7. Wait a sec, I’ll just Google it.

8. Oooo. I love that song. What’s the name of it again? Here. I’ll Shazam it and then download it when I get home! Hey! I don’t have to wait. I can download it now!

9. I just Viggled the Today show. It’s on for four hours! That’s 240 points!

10. Upon leaving the house and forgetting, yet something else – I’ll be right back. I forgot my phone.

So, what did you dream you’d never say?


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Just In Time For Summer Travel

photo (2)


June 19, 2013 · 11:09 am

Ahhhh. I Get It Now.



April 24, 2013 · 2:42 pm

Have THAT Kind Of Friday! Yoga Pants For Everyone!



February 8, 2013 · 10:08 am

Clearly I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

My daughter dragged me kicking and screaming into this century. She gave me her old iphone4.

I loved it.

It was awesome. Which is what she was expecting.

“And Mom, the guy at the store said he’d give you a discount on the iphone 4S if you wanted to upgrade since you’re due for one!”

Sold! (Because I’m all about the discount.)

So now, I have a brand spanking new iphone 4S. Not the iphone 5, of course, because those are just ridiculously expensive.

I love having my music all in one place. I love the apps I’ve found so far. I love playing mindless games and sending email and doing my banking and checking traffic. All from a phone! It’s amazing. I just know that a world with people flying around with jet-packs is right around the corner.

The only thing I didn’t get was Siri.

Most everything I’d ask her, she’d send me to the internet. I gave up.

“Siri, you’re useless.”

“Well, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.”

She cracked me up. So, I started asking nonsensical questions, quoted song lyrics, and generally, tried to stump her.

Before I knew it, I’d been playing with Siri for over an hour.

If you Google it, you’ll find plenty of sites that share the hilarious responses Siri can come up with. But don’t do that now. Instead, share your favorite Siri response below.

And then ask Siri, “Who let the dogs out?”


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It’s Ecard Wednesday!

And an open apology to those whom I have offended and to those I have yet to offend.



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