The Trifecta Of Nasty Habits And Why I’d Never Date You. Ever.

I was a little ticked at my husband today. Yet again, he (fill in the blank.) And so I had to (fill in the blank again.) And with the way the day started out I sure as heck didn’t want to (you’d better sharpen your pencil.)

It really made me angry.

So, I was still fuming a little this morning, after I dropped the kids to school. The light turned yellow and then red. We were stuck at a pretty long traffic light. I say “we” because the car ahead of me had a really cute guy in the driver’s seat.

Sandy blond hair. White shirt, tie. Driving a clean, black luxury vehicle. Ooooo, he just looked at me again in his side mirror.

He smiled at me. I smiled at him.

Ahhhh, I remember my single days. Carefree. Free to look. Free to dream. Free to — whaaaaa?

Was that a stream of spit I saw spewing out the window? Ick. Ewwwww, and another? Are you kidding me?

No longer checking me out, he then tosses his still burning cigarette butt onto the street. Does he not know that cigarettes take 25 years to decompose? What a litter bug! What a slob! I feel sorry for whoever lives with….

Is he doing what I think he’s doing?

He IS!

He’s picking his nose! Gross. He’s rolling it around between his fingers and he just flicked THAT out the window!

That did it. He just committed, in a minute and twenty-second time period, the Trifecta-Of-Nasty-Habits-And-Why-I’d-Never-Date-You.

Thank God I’m already married.

I am so lucky, Honey! You are the best husband EVER! 

(Sorry for the re-run. My sister is in town (for 10 days!) and she doesn’t even know I blog. And I’m not telling her now. So, I’m going to be a bit scarce. I’ll try to sneak online but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite posts. Enjoy your week!)


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6 responses to “The Trifecta Of Nasty Habits And Why I’d Never Date You. Ever.

  1. Hehe. Better the husband you know! Have a lovely time with your sister. 😉

  2. Ha!

    That “Grass is Always Greener Syndrome?”

    Um. Not so much.

  3. This is funny! Worth a re-post (my first time). He was Gross! If he was willing to do that in public, I wonder what he must be like at home.

    Enjoy visiting with your sister. 🙂

  4. You are so funny! My brother and in-laws have no idea I have a blog, either.

  5. Loved this one! It was new to me. Have a fun week! =)

  6. Makes me wonder if some mothers let their sons get away with disgusting habits in fourth grade hoping they’d never marry…

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