The Invasion Of The Privacy Snatchers

It has happened again.


The invasion of the privacy snatchers.

We looked at our calendar and realized we have house guests for four weekends in a row, with two sets spilling into the work week.

What did we do?

A friend of mine once said, while I was lamenting a similar situation over the holiday season, “You must be an amazing hostess for people to w ant to come so often and stay for so long!”

I’d like to think so. But I am also a person that finds it hard to say “No” if I don’t have an obvious, socially acceptable excuse. So when most of June and part of July turned into Jane’s Bed and Breakfast, it kind of snuck up on us.   (Or sneaked if you’re a master grammarian.) 

Sneaked or snuck, we didn’t see it coming.

And now we’re stuck.

Today is one of my few days, with the house to myself (and two little gremlin sons) because the onslaught begins again tomorrow.

I love a home full of noise and love and laughter but I also love a silent home, a calm home and a clean home. As I’m scrubbing and washing and folding, I’m thinking “What’s the point?”

It’s all going to fall apart in about 28 hours.

So, I sat down to check in with all of you. Thanks for the distraction. I’d much rather be here anyway.


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5 responses to “The Invasion Of The Privacy Snatchers

  1. I think you are very brave! I find it hard to cope with just my family here!

  2. It is a compliment that people are comfortable staying with you…..I can totally relate to having a clean house and calm…But, then it would not be life.


  3. I know the feeling – From September to April I seem to have VIP parking at the airport for all the people who back-to-back visit. Somehow in the summer months when it’s 50 degrees I seem to have a lot less friends! There is only so many things that you can do on repeat and pretend you’ve never done it before for those that are visiting for the first time! Good luck!

  4. Wait! You have a clean house with two sons? How do you do it?
    And good luck with the house guests. This too will pass.

  5. Oh, Jane. I so get this. I love my family and I love my friends, but after three hours, I want privacy. And quiet. (I never get quiet, because I have two small boys, but I can hope.)
    Visitors are such a drain. Blessing, yes. DRAIN.
    Good luck. If it makes you feel better, I went of my own accord into a situation this summer where a foreign exchange student will live with us for 11 weeks. I thought it was a “borrow a room” situation but it’s turning into a “host family as adoptive family” situation. I’m going insane.

    Mamas need a break, Jane.

    Wanna run away with me?

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