What Is Fame? What Is Reality? And Will The Real Housewives Of (Insert City Here) Ever Become Passe?

I’ve been wondering…..

With the advent of reality television, Twitter and Facebook updates…..

At what point will all of us, each and every last one of the  6,898,937,712 people on Earth at this moment (click here to see the World Population Clock)

Receive our 15 minutes of fame?

And when each and every last one of the 6,898,937,712 people on Earth receive that 15 minutes….

Will we only crave more?

Or will reality become reality again and not entertainment?

Just wondering.


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10 responses to “What Is Fame? What Is Reality? And Will The Real Housewives Of (Insert City Here) Ever Become Passe?

  1. Ummm….but will we KNOW it’s really reality…or…

  2. Love the title! Isn’t it strange that the new American dream is to act like a fool while camera crews follow your every move? Maybe I’m old-school, but I’ll stick to the original American dream: A safe income, a decent home, and a healthy family.

  3. Andy Warhol is chuckling somewhere. Or shaking his head. And of course, with the Internet, it’s more than 15 minutes, right? Real Housewives of the Top Chef Masters? Hmmm…

    Real Housewives of … Boise?

    Why not? (But will the men wear pumps??)

  4. Laughing at BLW and her Real Housewives of Boise remark.

    Riveting entertainment, no?

  5. Maybe 30 seconds of fame? Nah. I’ll go for what is reality in my life, because it’s just fine and it’s all I need. Reality on TV? No such thing!

  6. Who need reality when real life can be so entertaining? By the way, I need you to check out this link- http://notesfromrumblycottage.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/you-like-me-you-really-like-me/

  7. I’m still holding out for Real Housewives American Idol Survivor, where they sing while trying to spear fish and do laundry on some remote island.

    PS: Hope you have a Lysol-free weekend!

  8. idiosyncraticeye

    That’s my kinda random thought. Now you’ve got me wondering just how much time it would take for all those people to have their 15 mins … don’t think my calculator will allow me to work in millions, my head certainly won’t! 😉

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