One Mistersippi, Two Mistersippi, Three Mistersippi

“One Mistersippi, two Mistersippi, three Mistersippi….”

(I start giggling uncontrollably.)

“What, Mommy? What’s so funny?”

“Mistersippi?” I ask.

“Yeah. ‘Cause that state is a boy state.”

(I try to stifle back another giggle but I’m unsuccessful.)

“Sweetie, it’s Mississippi.”

“Ohhhhh, so it’s a girl state! Thanks, Mom!”

He runs off to continue playing with his brother and I hear, “One Missus-sippi, two Missus-sippi, three Missus-sippi…”

Yep. Must be a girl state.


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17 responses to “One Mistersippi, Two Mistersippi, Three Mistersippi

  1. This is delightful! I never thought of there being “girl” states and “boy” states – but why not?

    Oh, our kids do have a way of sharing their light with us, don’t they?

  2. Children say the greatest things! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Reminds me of an old joke…

    What did Dela-ware?
    I-da-ho, Al-ask-a.
    She wore her brand New Jersey!

    I guess that would make Delaware a “girl state”!

  4. Oh, I love some kid logic. Hilarious and sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is so adorable. I really long for those days again.

  6. Oh I love it when kids make these kinds of mistakes…they live on forever in a family and by the way I think your boy makes perfect sense!

  7. I’m wondering whether I should say that Saskatchewan must be a girl province since it has a Regina, or if that’s too tasteless.

  8. Absolutely precious! Made me smile. I remember the woes of trying to spell Mississippi when I was a child.

  9. So cute.

    I love the things kids come out with…until they tell too much truth 🙂

  10. Lisa

    Sweet and Adorable!

  11. I loved the way my kids used to try to pronounce words and even today I can still hear my middle one walking into the kitchen and saying “I’m firsty, I’m firsty” while holding up his juice cup.

  12. Giggling hysterically over here….

  13. That’s wisdom beyond his years no matter how you look at it. 🙂

    I haven’t used Mississippi to count for a long, long time. I always say, “one one thousand.”

  14. Priceless! So happy that you have a blog to record this.

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