A 420 Celebration With Three Little Birds And Jane

I had another song in mind for today but Three Little Birds by Bob Marley has been haunting me in my dreams.

I kid you not! I had a dream last week and the soundtrack playing in the background was  Three Little Birds.

I had planned a more current selection for this week’s Tunes For Tuesday. In fact, the post is finished and waiting in my queue. But I’ve decided to save it for next week.

Why? You ask.


It’s National Pot Smokers Day! That’s why!

A whole day dedicated to smoking pot. And I’m honoring it here, on my blog. 

Which is really weird since I don’t inhale.


Well, air, of course. And pollen. But I have never taken a puff of a cigarette or a doobie (isn’t that the funniest term for joint?) in my life.


My daughter thinks that’s amazing. Amazingly square, that is.

I’ve never had any interest in smoking. Both of my parents smoked, although I never remember my dad smoking. He quit when I was very young. Cold turkey. The day he found out his good friend died of lung cancer. My mother quit hundreds of times. Just like Mark Twain.

“It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” ~Mark Twain

I love that quote. It sums up how addictive smoking can be. Maybe it was the fear of addiction. Or maybe it was because I hated the smell. Or maybe it was because I likened smoking cigarettes to pouring dirt down your lungs. But I’ve never smoked a cigarette.

Now in high school I hung with a variety of crowds. The nerds. The music and theater geeks. The jocks. And the hockey players. Yes, hockey players are allowed a category unto themselves. My boyfriend played hockey and he was as straight as me when it came to drinking and drugs. So we were always the designated drivers. The hockey players were awesome athletes. What set them apart? Their partying ways. I’ve witnessed my fair share of drug induced rants and alcohol rowdiness. Tip toed through puke, squinting through a thick pot haze.

It was the pot I remember most clearly. The sweet, earthy smell. How it hung heavy in the air and on my clothes. The dazed, blood-shot look of my friends after they’d been smoking. Their silly antics and giggling jags. It seemed fun. Harmless. But I’d think about the smoke dirtying up my lungs and I’d cringe.

I remember saying to my parents once, “I totally get smoking pot. (Yes, I was a Valley Girl.) With cigarettes it’s just dirty and gross. But at least with pot you get some kind of mood changing benefit.” (Shows you how much I knew about cigarettes. Evidently there is some kind of high with cancer sticks.) My parents were appalled and thought I was “a druggie.” They watched me very carefully after that.

Ok. Brace yourselves. Because here is where I alienate 1/2 my readers……I think it’s ridiculous that marijuana isn’t legal. Especially for medicinal purposes but I have no issues with recreational use either. How is it any worse than alcohol? Again, I’m not speaking from personal experience. But from what little research I’ve done and with my limited exposure to friends who smoke, pot seems as “safe” as alcohol use.

I’m predicting a healthy debate will ensue in the comments section of this post. Before writing this I did another cursory study about the pros and cons of marijuana use. And I’m still not convinced marijuana should be illegal. By the same token,  I’m still convinced I will never try it.

To each his own.

Whatever floats your boat.

Different strokes for different folks.


At least, that’s what Bob Marley would say.


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29 responses to “A 420 Celebration With Three Little Birds And Jane

  1. As a Valley Girl perhaps you should have considered a little Frank Zappa?
    I am a fellow non pot smoker ever (I did smoke cigarettes but gave up years ago) and my children think that it’s totally amazing that their wine guzzling mother have never indulged in the phamaceutical side of things. Just never floated my boat (no pun intended…)

  2. Penny

    I’ve never smoked pot or cigarettes, or used any drug that wasn’t medically prescribed. I don’t drink alcohol either, as I’m fully aware of the dangers of using any sort of drugs.

    And I don’t believe that pot should be legalised. Back in the days… pot wasn’t as strong as it is now. I have seen someone have a psychotic episode as a result of marijuana use.

    Sorry, Jane, but you have alienated this reader at least.

  3. Have just reread my post in light of the one that followed – and hope you don’t think I was being disapproving…completely the opposite. Life is for living however you choose to do so!!!!! Bring on the vino I say! xx

  4. I HATE pot… no, I ABHOR pot. I think the smell is disgusting (it makes me queasy) and the way people act when they’re high is just stupid. I have way too many students that come to school high and do nothing with their lives to support legalizing such a stupid drug. With that said, I think cigarettes should be illegal too.

  5. I am alienated! (At least that’s what people tell me.) I am also acrimonious! But that’s completely normal for me. 🙂

    I hate smoking. I hate marijuana, or what some of the cool kids call “pot.” (Or so I’ve heard.) I even hate the smell of marijuana. And I hate the fact that as a society we are so desirous of intoxicating ourselves.

    Sorry, but I’m also dead set against legalization. The tide seems to be turning, however, and I have little doubt I’ll eventually be on the losing side of that battle.

    What I love, however, is Jane. And the fact that she speaks her mind and tackles the tough issues of the day. Right on! 🙂

  6. suzicate

    I love me some Bob Marley. My favorite days are the ones that Nick Jr. plays this. Yes, Nick Jr. plays Bob Marley. I can see pros and cons of legalization. But like anything, if someone wants it badly enought they’ll get it. I don’t know enough “facts” to base an argument on either side. Kudos to Jane for tackling another tough subject with grace. and fun since you added Marley!

  7. My 16-yr-old wished me Happy 420 Day this morning and I was clueless. I never smoked anything due to asthma. My kids are strongly against smoking because of that. However, I really shocked them when they found out that went to fraternity parties in college. Gasp!

  8. Never been a midnight toker myself either (love that song, though). I think of all the resources we drain trying to “fight” marijuana use and all the good we could be doing elsewhere and I have absolutely no problem with it being legal. Having said that, I haven’t done a bit of research on it and reserve the right to change my mind, perhaps on 4/20 next year. =>

  9. I’m definitely not informed enough about the medical and cultural implications of legalization to start lobbying for change, but I am with you: I don’t see how marijuana is so much worse than alcohol. So many things can be mind-altering and dangerous when overused; so many of them are legal and/or accessible. Some are good business and good fun; some are taboo. A little consistency would be great; a lot of moderation would, too.

  10. I think I’m allergic to pot or something. I’ve only smoked it a few times and it’s never agreed with me. I feel kind of barfy and headachy…certainly not blissed out.

    I live a few minutes away from Pot Heaven (aka: Boulder, Colorado). I’m headed up there for lunch today with friends and we actually debated going because there’s a HUGE 4/20 celebration going on. We’re braving the stoned masses 🙂

    That said, I’m all for “to each his own.” I have friends who don’t drink but smoke pot, in the privacy of their own home, and don’t drive while stoned. As far as I’m concerned, that’s no different than having a couple of glasses of wine in the evening. Seems silly to me not to legalize it.

  11. I find it absolutely horrible that anyone would stop reading your blog just because of this issue…. But I guess that’s beside the point.

    Anyway, I’m down there with you, Jane – I was a born Valley Girl too! Also, I agree that pot is NO worse than alcohol. I’ve seen what alcohol addiction does to people and you know what? I honestly think alcohol is worse. I drink on occasion, so I’m not saying it should be illegal or anything, but alcohol seems to cause way more behavioral problems than pot when used in excess.
    I’ve known pot smokers my whole life, and although I’ve tried it and don’t like it in the least, I feel like you – it should be legal and a choice, like cigarettes and alcohol are still a personal life choice.

  12. unabridgedgirl

    I could never stop reading your blog, Jane. I heart you too much!

    I don’t smoke or drink and drugs have never appealed to me, though I think a lot of that has to do with a sibling that was/is addicted to all of the above. Addictions are ugly, of any kind. They harm more than just the people that are addicted to them. I am not for legalizing pot, (not that it stops people from smoking it, right?).

    I love this post. I love that you speak your mind!

  13. My Dad smoked but quit when my Mom got pregnant with me. My Mom always says no one tried harder than she did to be a smoker. I was always seriously allergic and hated the smell. I did try pot once or twice — never found a big effect. I got giggly and loud, but wine or sleeplessness has the same effect. I totally agree with you that it should be legalised, mainly because it would be less of a hassle for the people who need it medically, but also because I agree that it’s no worse than alcohol. People who abuse substances will abuse substances no matter what.

  14. It’s getting to the point where if you don’t support legalization (whether you actually use the product or not) you’ll be in the minority. I find that a little sad. Why is it so gosh darned important to intoxicate ourselves?

  15. ck

    Tsk, tsk, Jane. There you go, having an opinion again. 🙂

  16. I think a healthy and respectful debate is not a reason to alienate anyone- and, side note- if you always write what you think won’t alienate, you’d hardly be true to your voice.

    I’m against. I don’t think it’s any different than alcohol, but then again, I’m for putting repeat DUIs in serious jail time. I just think the effects are a lot less predictable than alcohol, and much stronger than ciggies. I’d ban ciggies, too.

  17. I have to agree with you. I’m pleading the fifth on my smoking history… but I have to say smoking pot was always a lot less dangerous than drinking – on a lot of levels.

  18. I’m with you on this one, even though I don’t do it either. If the state/government sold it they could tax it, check the safety of it (no strange fillers!) and carry on. I don’t see how it’s any different than alcohol really..

  19. I have never smoked pot either and, to be honest, I haven’t given a lot of thought to the arguments for and against legalization. But I do applaud you – as always – for being forthright in stating your opinion.

    Will I sound super-naive if I admit that it never really occurred to me to associate Bob Marley with pot smoking? When I taught third grade, my class performed “Three Little Birds” at an assembly and, as Suzicate pointed out, Nick Jr. even uses it as one of their songs. So not only did I corrupt young minds back in the day, now I’m exposing my sons too. 🙂

  20. Although I don’t smoke it, either, I still support it’s legalization for a variety of reasons. That’s awesome you’ve never smoked cigarettes… I smoked cigarettes for 12 years and quit when I got pregnant with Nathan. Haven’t smoked since and never will again. It was hard to quit though…. very, very hard.

  21. Jane, I wish I could have my husband come over here and explain the merits for legalizing pot. Neither of us smokes or drinks but we do see how “the drug war” is taking far too much money and time away from more important things (like education).

    One thing that really ticks me off is how much time people spend in prison for possession of drugs. Are you freaking kidding me? I think it probation or community service is far better than putting them in prison to come in contact with gangs. I could go on and on but I am pretty sure I’d be preaching to the choir.

    You did not alienate me. Clearly.

  22. I’ve never done drugs, and avoid even prescribed drugs as much as possible. I don’t smoke either. I smoked for one week at Uni and never inhaled it then. I never understood the appeal, fortunately.

  23. Mel

    Jane, kudos to you for speaking your mind! I never got past being pissed off at the Reefer Madness propaganda machine that caused a weed to become an illegal substance in the first place. I grew up in a very rich and diverse substance abusing culture, and I’ve seen lives ruined by alcohol, cocaine, crack and meth, but I’ve not seen a single life ruined by pot. Slacked off a bit maybe, for the overusers, but still functional, peace loving and bothering nobody. Alcohol is the first place winner for trashing lives in my neck of the woods. It makes no sense to me, this drug law, especially when cancer patients can get relief from nausea and maintain their weight. My mom’s anti nausea drugs cost over 100 dollars a pill, and she was still so sick we had to stop the chemo, even I can figure out that math. If we keep it illegal, we can market the expensive drugs that make profit for the pharmaceutical industry. I’m also really pissed that drug cartels are setting up growing operations on our national parks and forests, and our foreclosed houses, because there are millions to be made, and millions to be spent chasing them, as long as pot is illegal. CNN estimates the revenues to be in the billions if we were to decriminalize, regulate and tax like tobacco, which should be illegal too. I’m happy to see the hemp market growing, because it is such a useful plant for the fiber and oils. So I guess you didn’t alienate me either! My Canadian friends were happily celebrating 420 day, and not all are users, they just like their freedom, I guess. Thanks for letting me rant in your comments, and thanks for always saying what’s on your mind!

  24. I have to say, I agree with you. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve wondered what it’s like, just not enough to ever try it. It doesn’t seem any worse than smoking and drinking put together (dirtying your lungs while getting a high). By the way, I’ve never smoked either, nor had the desire or smallest inkling to. (My dad died from lung cancer from smoking when I was a kid.)

    Brownies are another matter. I’d love to try some special brownies. Just curious, is all. 😉

  25. Well, didn’t you open Pandora’s box. Angelcel wrote a good post on the subject a while back. While I don’t advocate complete legalization of pot, I can see where medicinal uses may be beneficial. The problem would be in how one describes a “medical need.” If pot is legal for the masses, what about cocaine? Crack? Meth? Heroin? Where do you draw the line? What criteria for mind-altering, life-trashing risk do you use? Or do you? I’m not sure a society where every mind-altering drug is legal would be beneficial for anyone. But I do agree that something needs to be done to curb the drug wars and corrupt governments.

  26. My husband recently heard an interesting segment on NPR devoted to the history of pot smoking in America. The path to making it illegal is, as he described it to me, pretty convoluted (not very logical if you look at the scientific evidence used to argue its risks). Haven’t tried smoking it myself, but I did once tend bar at a party in college where the atmosphere was thick with it. I definitely left my shift feeling a bit off …

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