Jane Declares This Week Commenter Appreciation Week!

More specifically?

My regular commenters.

My dear, sweet, intelligent, kind, feisty, patient, thoughtful, supportive, commenters. If you’ve commented here once, twice or many times more.

If you’ve been thought-provoking or just plain hilarious.

Irreverence (as long as it isn’t malicious and it makes me laugh) is welcome here. So is compassion and tact. I appreciate constructive comments – ones that make me pause, re-evaluate and encourage me to be a better person.

What I do not appreciate are anonymous (fake name, fake email address) comments that criticize and name-call. The ones – ok, just one – that hints you know me in real life. If you’re upset with what I’ve written, please call me (you know my number). Email works, too.

But this post isn’t about you.

This post is about the fantastic people who have followed me through thick and thin, pithy and verbose, enthusiastic and depressing, here and not-s0-here.

This post is an enormous, sloppy, wet thank you to my amazing peeps. You comment when I’m happy. You comment when I’m sad. You even comment when I’m not around here much.

I appreciate your candor. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I love your dependability. I love it when you make me laugh.

In a nutshell, I love you. Each and every one.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not posting to the wind.


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19 responses to “Jane Declares This Week Commenter Appreciation Week!

  1. The feeling is mutual! Thanks for giving us so many great topics to chew on.

  2. Sweet! Thanks for giving the blog world good things to read!

  3. Jayne

    Well we keep coming back because you are interesting to read. 🙂

  4. Sorry I haven’t been around much (I’ve totally abandoned my own little blog, and try to read/comment on others’ as often as I can), but I really do enjoy reading your words here. You are always thought-provoking and/or just plain funny. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Now you make feel guilty for not commenting more! 😀

    Posting to the wind is never fun.

  6. Jane: Love ya lady. Your topics range from light to serious to thought-provoking. Always a pleasure to read. No poll today? 🙂

  7. The feeling is mutual, Jane…tea is always on for you in Hammond River!


  8. I sure appreciate being appreciated! And, come to think of it, I sure appreciate knowing you. It’s an honor.

    Oh yeah, and before I forget, just let me add this:

    I’m not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic. You’re truly well-informed. I cant believe how much of this I just wasn’t aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I’m truly grateful and really impressed.

    And that’s from the heart. Word. Peace. Out.

  9. I heart you, Jane. You always make my day brighter when I read you.
    Now if I only got more time to read you like I used to. . . .

  10. Aw, such a sweet post! I love reading your blog and I say “pshaw” to the naysayers. You’re great!

  11. Well I’m a random commenter…but I read you pretty regularly because I think you write well and you usually have a topic that makes me think or makes me laugh and sometimes makes me do both. So thanks back to you for adding wit and wisdom to the blogging world.

  12. The pleasure is all ours 😉

    You have to be one of my favourite blogs. Your posts are always thought provoking and I always admire your honesty and straight forwardness.
    I don’t always comment – I’m not brilliant with words – and I often can’t think of anything witty or intelligent to reply with…so I admire from afar instead.

    Yay to all comment appreciaters. x

  13. Love you too!

    Get upset at something you write? Hardly!

    I’m amazed at how prolific you are. Wait–IN AWE is a better description.

    You’re terrific!

  14. Wow. This turned into an ego-boosting warm fuzzy. Thanks y’all! I promise not to let it go to my head!

  15. I, for one, am totally jealous. I blog, and I really try very hard…and what do I get in the way of comments? Bubkis!

    But you deserve it – you have a great heart and an ability to always see things from a quirky, but very interesting, viewpoint. Don’t change a thing 🙂

  16. Thank you for putting into words what we all feel about our “special” commenters. I know I’m always thrilled to see a familiar name/photo in the comment box. Not that I don’t love new visitors…I really do…but when those newbies become part of the *inner circle* it is so sweet. As for the hit and runs…spammers…inconsiderate oafs, may their computers die a thousand deaths. 🙂

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