Yes. A Spring Break Staycation Can Be Chock Full Of !!!

First, there was no money for a spring break vacation. So, we cancelled our reservations.

Then, #1son, followed closely by #2son, caught a virus for the first 1/2 of spring break. (#1daughter followed soon after, of course.)

Things were not looking pretty at Chez Jane’s for spring break.

And then, the unexpected happened. Brady Bunch marathons. Cookie baking. Magic tricks. Card games. Reading aloud and finishing The Borrowers and The Hobbit within days of each other.

Games of Chutes & Ladders with Sorry game pieces because the Chutes & Ladders pieces were vacationing at the vintage Fischer Price jail and barber shop and couldn’t be disturbed.

Lunch out at Cheeseburger Bobby’s because mom had coupons. (Yay, Mom!)

Hanging with our friends and a  chance to see and be seen at the Imax theater for a showing of Born To Be Wild. Loads of fun!

No, I didn’t get a tan or any closets cleaned out. But there was lots of cuddling and plenty of laughs.

The perfect spring break staycation.


(It’s been so long since I’ve participated in this wonderful meme. I want to give a shout out to the wonderful creators: Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom! Thanks for encouraging us to celebrate the !!! in our lives!)


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9 responses to “Yes. A Spring Break Staycation Can Be Chock Full Of !!!

  1. Wow it seems like you made the most of where you were. Not always an easy thing to do! Cheeseburger Bob looks like some place I would like to visit!

  2. I loved “The Borrowers”…we read it at school in Grade Four. Sounds like you guys had fun on your staycation! Hope the kids are feeling better now!


  3. I think it sounds FABULOUS. And no snow! (Staycations are underrated. Sometimes, they’re the best!!!)


  4. I loved “The Borrowers” too! One of my favorite series when I was growing up a long long time ago. Glad to hear kids are still reading them!

    I bet this is a spring break your kids will remember and talk about when they’re adults. Way more fun that endless driving to get to sunny crowded beaches.

  5. Sounds like loads of fun!

  6. Hooray for Jane! Hooray for the !!!

    I knew you’d find the silver lining.

  7. Isn’t !!! the best! Glad your week turned out so great. Would love to have one of those weeks myself. Good for you guys!

  8. We had a staycation too and even though it was cold and rainy, we had lots and lots of mom/kid fun!

  9. We had a staycation as well. And it was such a wonderful week full of !!!. Glad you had them too.

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