Stupid Things People Say To Families Formed Through International Adoption #38

We were in the grocery store. My daughter was a toddler. A elderly woman approached us.

“Is your husband Chinese?”

“No,” I said.

“Then you adopted her?”

“Yes,” I smiled.

“Ewww. I could never do that.”

I hugged my daughter tightly and said, “And we are so glad you didn’t!”


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15 responses to “Stupid Things People Say To Families Formed Through International Adoption #38

  1. Seriously? Some people don’t get it. I am always bewildered at what people feel like they can say to strangers.You handled it well. I am not certain what I would have done.

  2. Boy, I just really don’t understand some people. I think adoption is a beautiful gift to all involved.

  3. Oh my god. What an awful thing to say.

    Good for you for the awesome comeback!

  4. no way.please tell me you were punk’d or were an unwitting participant in somesocial experiment. Unbelievable. Wow. But great comeback lady! I hope she got it. But chances are she’s too stupid to get it.

  5. What a terrible thing to say! Adoption rocks and I should know being adopted myself with 2 adopted children!

  6. There seems no end to the stupid things people will say. Or do. Or vote for.

  7. Perfect response to a perfectly stupid person’s perfectly stupid comment!

  8. That is the most inappropriate thing I have heard in a long time. What on Earth was that woman thinking saying that to you and your daughter? Some people baffle me.

  9. Go Jane! She was an idiot. Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots out there. Fortunately there are more really cool people like your family out there though!

  10. I’m speechless. What part of giving a child a forever home, telling the world that all people deserve love and a great family, and opening your heart wide to all the roller coaster logistics of adoption is worthy of “ewwww?”

    Phew. She’s just one of those goblins hiding amongst humans to make us grateful for love and understanding. Here are two double scoops for you, Jane.

    The only one luckier than your daughter, and luckier than you, is the living breathing family you’ve created with your heart.

  11. I’m sorry, ‘ewww’?! Your comeback was perfect. 🙂

  12. I will never, ever understand people like this. Maybe you can teach your kids to flip these ass-hats off? Just kidding…sort of.

  13. Some people suck. Nice comeback!

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