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Never Say Never and Never, Ever Do This!

I once had a friend in Savannah. Whose name was not Joan, Sue or Hannah. Her opinions were right. Every day, every night. And she often lost friends over na-nah.

Ok, so I made up that last word. I’m using it as in “Na, na, you can’t catch me!” I couldn’t think how to use the word banana and still get my point across. And I didn’t really mean to start this out as a limerick; it just sort of happened. Anyway….

This friend would always say, “I would NEVER give my child soda,” “We ALWAYS honor our son’s bedtime,” and “My child will NEVER watch Spongebob.” She was an always and never kind of gal. I’d laugh and say, “Never say never.” And sure enough, as the years went on, she’d live to eat her words. We all do. But here’s one “never” that I’m pretty sure about….

When your dentist tells you that your teeth are for chewing food and that’s it? Believe her. I was checking in with Jennifer at My Wildlife’s Words and found this post. And she was brave enough to post a picture. I have the same tooth but mine is already fixed with cosmetic dentistry – I’m assuming she’s on her way to the dentist now.

About 8 years ago my daughter and I were hanging out. She was doing her homework. I was grading papers. I needed to take a staple out and couldn’t find the staple puller. I looked at her and said, “NEVER do this!” and proceeded to take the staple out with my front teeth. CRACK! My tooth was chipped. Great lesson for her. Painful lesson for me. But I can safely say to you now, “NEVER use your teeth as staple pulling tools. ALWAYS use your teeth for chewing food ONLY.”

Take it from me – the Never Say Never Gal.

I mean it this time.


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