I Don’t Get It. Will Someone Please Enlighten Me?

Logging on today I found this story. Some unknown from Uruguay took three hundred dollars and made a short “film.” I loosely call it a film because frankly, it looks to me like a scene that could have been stolen from ‘War of the Worlds’ or any other such “aliens invade Earth” kind of film. He put it on YouTube and currently it has over 3 million hits. Three days after he put it up on the web his inbox was overflowing with offers from Hollywood. He “settled” for a 30 million price tag for the rights to make a feature film.

I watched it. I don’t see the appeal. I love the movies. I’ll see anything. But I’m not kidding you. This is nothing we haven’t seen before. I just don’t get it.

But hey, you judge for yourself.

(Ooooo….the math teacher in me just noticed something. $300. 3 days after it appeared he had offers. Over 3 million hits. $30 million movie deal. Spooky!)


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11 responses to “I Don’t Get It. Will Someone Please Enlighten Me?

  1. WTF? How does shit like that drop into the universe and BAM! the Karma God smiles?

  2. nope I don’t get it either. cheers tho.

  3. suzicate

    Good observation on the number 3, ooooh beware!
    I am always amazed when some inane idea takes off and makes millions like the idiots on American Idol who know they’re horrible and then they bring them back for guest appearances and other Hollywood crap and make millions for flaunting their inability to sing…I can’t sing, so I guess there’s hope for millions if I’m willing to be made into a laughing stock!

  4. Those “3” facts are more interesting than the clip. I’ll pass on seeing that movie production….

  5. Eh? I don’t get it, either. Success is a tricky thing…it comes like a bombshell to the least expected people…

  6. It’s sort of a cross between War of the Worlds and Independence Day. Bleh. No plot but lots of stuff blowing up. I guess that’s all Hollywood can do anymore.

  7. The same garbage that gets this type of luck is the same garbage that insists on remaking classics because there isn’t enough imagination or will to seek out good stories to make original films from. Bah.

  8. evenshine

    I think it’s some sort of existential statement about what we, as the Hollywood market, will pay our money to see. Great Cinderella story for the director, though!

  9. angelcel

    War of the Worlds meets Transformers meets Terminator. Very well done for what one assumes is an amateur but the story is hardly new. This just indicates, yet again, that the grossly inflated budgets of Hollywood movies really aren’t necessary. If someone wants to spend $30 million on securing the rights then I hope they at least received a fully padded out storyline and not just this 4.49 mins of movie mayhem!

  10. Well, it’s hardly a short film since there isn’t a storyline. You kind to have to have a character to follow, right? It’s a good idea (and yes, it’s an idea that has been played out in several movies but ideas are hardly ever new), but good ideas don’t always make good stories. Got that bit of wisdom in creative writing class.

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