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Bloggers of the Blog People

Did you know that the word blog is only 10 years old. Ok, for you twenty somethings out there that might seem old to you. After all, it’s half your age. But to us old farts? That’s young. And I feel like the word has been around forever. But according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog), the word blog was coined in 1999. It’s a tongue in cheek reference to the word weblog. Then it became acceptable to refer to blog as both noun and verb. Then came the word blogger. 

Frankly, I’m not enjoying the progression.

Weblog is ok. Direct. Succinct. Very business like.

Blog? While Michael Gorman of the Library Journal (http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA502009.html) likens the sound of the word blog to “something you would find stuck in your drain,” it is definitely tongue in cheek. Kinda cute even. I can live with it.

But blogger? I’m a blogger? Sounds too much like booger, blubber, Frogger. Dried nasal mucus? my expanding middle? An 80’s arcade game? No thanks.

Michael Gorman even takes the term one step further. He calls bloggers, “The Blog People.” The Blog People?!?  Sounds like some B-grade, cult movie classic. Complete with quotable dialogue, “Oh no! It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!”

There has got to be a better word. But it has to be catchy, current, hip. Something that creates the vision of a cute, petite, girl-next-door sitting at her laptop in her adorable cotton pj’s, but sexy all at the same time. Coffee cup (or sweet tea with 2 lemon slices) within arms reach. Her golden retriever, Max, sitting at her feet and her tabby, Scooter, purring softly next to her.

Seriously. Blogger of the Blog People. There has got to be a better word.

Suggestions?……… Anyone? Anyone?


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