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My Kids Crack Me Up – Vol. I No. 1

I have two boys, 10 months apart in age and both have very different personalities. One is a neat freak; one is delightfully unattached to order. One is great at saving money; one spends it before he earns it. One is cuddly with everyone he meets; one is cuddly on a limited basis depending on the person, but always has a cuddle for mom (thank goodness!) 

Today, they both received lollipops at the bank. I told them they could have them after they had eaten lunch. The time arrived to eat them and #2 son dove right in. I was distracted and wasn’t paying close attention but soon realized that #1 son hadn’t touched his. I reminded him that he could have his lollipop now.

 #1son –  No. I’m saving it in my candy bag with my candy collection. (They had received goody bags at a birthday party the day before and it contained candy.)

 Not to be outdone…

#2 son –  Wanna know where I keep MY candy collection, Mom?

Me – Where?

#2 son –  In my tummy!


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