It’s Share Your Crazy Search Engine Terms Day!

The day you’ve all been waiting for! I’ve had some doozies. And many of them I have NO idea how they led poor souls to MY blog. Without further ado, here are mine. I can’t wait to hear yours!

This all started when I came across a search term that led someone to my blog, “Wrinkled Boobs.” Are you kidding me? Who searches for wrinkled boobs? And since that post here are some variations that have led people here: wrinkedΒ bobbs, wringled boobs, boobs right, boobs left. Boobs left and right? Seriously, there are a lot of boobs people out there that are obsessed with boobs.

turtle poop – I know exactly which post they were directed to: here. But what baffles me is why anyone would Google turtle poop.

Hey, I’m going away but I got something – Huh? This has got to be lyrics to a song or something.

(my daughter’s nickname which is fairly unique) – And it freaked me out. Her nickname is VERY unique and I found out it was attached to a photo I used of her which I quickly renamed.

dirty mom son –Ewwwwww. Just Ewwwwww.

mom getting dirty with son and girlfriend – Double ewwwww!

kids clack – Huh? Just huh?

dirty fat moms – Hey! Who you callin’ fat, Willis?

top ten reasons you might be a jedi redneck – Someone actually knows that it’s possible and then even cares about being a jedi redneck. That astounds me.

Ok. So let’s hear yours. You can leave it in the comment section here OR if you’ve written a post on it as well, make sure you link it in the comment section so we can all take a look. Thanks for playing!

(We just found out my daughter’s team has a very good chance of advancing to finals in the State Championships. If that happens I won’t be able to check in with you all until sometime Saturday. I’ll miss you all but can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with! See you soon and wish us luck!)


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32 responses to “It’s Share Your Crazy Search Engine Terms Day!

  1. angelcel

    Given the varied content of my scrapbook, I’d like to say I’ve come up with a whole list but no, one thing still dominates: ‘knickers’ + a few variations thereof… ‘mens’ knickers’ (?), ‘no knickers’ (obvious) and ‘dirty knickers’ (why?). Those all undoubtedly sprang from a post I did about Royal Ascot.

    Mind you, yesterday someone was searching for ‘buxom Korean’. Er…jolly good! I have *no* idea why I came up on that particular search.

    All pretty tame compared to yours I fear. I think I find the ‘wrinkled boobs’ the most fascinating. I mean, what is going *on* in that person’s world? πŸ™‚

  2. Steven Harris

    My favourite for my pages is the search for ‘Klingons angry’. Does this mean I must now eat live worms?

  3. Steven Harris

    Oh, and just this morning I appear to have been found by someone looking for ‘sixty-nine’. Well, I did sort of mention Bill and Ted the other week.

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  5. submom

    Mine are pretty boring. But I did the homework assignment.
    The most exciting ones are “pervy smiley” and terms along that line.
    Good luck to your daughter at the game! Have fun and enjoy the family! You bet we will be here when you come back. πŸ™‚

    • And I loved that post! Because you’re right. He does look a bit pervy!
      (We made it to finals! So I’m staying the night to cheer them on tomorrow morning…..and I knew I’d miss you all too much so I snuck off with my husband’s laptop. Shhhhhhh.)

  6. LOL–I’m so technically un-savvy that I don’t know how to find the search terms used! Um…I guess I’ll just enjoy reading everyone else’s!

  7. Wait! I do have a #1: The British Turbo Cereal Diet, right up there with your wrinkled boobs. I did actually write about it once (read about it in Women’s World) but I don’t think I actually tried it–or if I did, it didn’t work that meal! πŸ™‚
    I have been found with “biddies’ titties” and I’m embarrassed to say I actually said that. Heck, I even have a pair!
    Surprisingly, people find me by searching magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, etc. which is pretty funny because the only mushrooms I’ve ever written about are the fake ones I showed in a picture of my daughter’s backyard. I’m sure they don’t come looking for garden ideas.
    Have fun, fellow perverts: πŸ™‚

  8. One more: The Four Hour Warning finds me, but not in an outdoor bathtub!

  9. Steven Harris

    Another one from today which I really don’t know what to think about as it rather rude: ‘Hatton c**t’!

  10. “break big wildlife vagina”

    Who puts this in a search engine? Seriously.

    • That’s what cracks me up – the crazy things people search for. And I’m sure there’s some logical explanation for why our particular blogs pop up for some of these searches but I don’t want to know. And I’m just warning you all now – if you try to explain it to me I’m just going to plug my ears and sing LaLaLaLaLa. Ignorance is much more fun in this case!

  11. Joe

    Mine are tame compared to everyone else’s…

    12 pack of ramen noodles

    ghostbusters car

    annual physical gown

  12. unabridgedgirl

    “Someone actually knows that it’s possible and then even cares about being a jedi redneck. That astounds me.”

    That? Is funny.

  13. Okay, how about this: “middle aged mamas naked.”
    I didn’t realize I wrote such kinky stuff.

  14. I am late coming to this BUT I finally figured out how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – a witch sucks in the kitchen
    – eerily bland cookies dad used to eat
    – fiery witches eating watermelon
    – ultimate white trash hot dog
    – suspicious substance in mason jar
    – how can i get a witch to fatten me up
    – witch therapy Paris
    – “her pants fell down”

    And the two most disturbing of all:

    – day in the life of a door to door meat man
    – popsicles in vaginas pictures (ewwwwww!!)

    • And I’m so glad you did! These are something else. I think you’ve beaten “wrinkled boobs” easily! “Eerily bland cookies that dad used to eat?” Seriously? Someone searched for this?

  15. I’m sorry I’m a day late in posting this! I’ve pretty much been out of commission lately and haven’t been able to keep up with reading and commenting on my favorite blogs… but I’m getting better now and I promise I will be leaving more comments!!

    So anyway, the funniest search terms I’ve had thus far are:

    “cannibalization of the little guy”- Just, wow.
    “baby pokers”- I’ve had quite a few of this searched
    “infant with scissor legs”- Ummmm
    “rapid fire sneezing” – so apparently, I’m not the only one with strange sneezing habits
    “is it bad to put a diaper on backwards”- This person must not be too bright. Simply take the diaper off and put it back on the right way!

    I’m a bit frightened of these searches… haha

  16. I don’t have stats on my blog but these were very funny. πŸ˜€

  17. I can’t believe I waited all week for this post and then almost missed it! Whew!

    I’m too new to have much excitement with my search terms. Here are my favorites so far:

    “h1n1 costume ideas” – i never did come up with any
    “cow goes poop” – i’m #1 in google

    Thanks for a fun thread!

  18. Okay KTW just creeped me out. I am never eating Popsicles again. I get the lamest searches. I mentioned the “red queen” from Alice just once and now there are daily searches for her. Also what is the facination with nutshells. My about page is called “me in a nutshell” so everyday there are searches for nut or nutshell. The only cute one I have ever had was “save the boops” it inspired a post title.

  19. Ok, not that anyone is still reading this but just today here are some weird searches I had for my blog: aggressive cupcakes, funny borderline personality disorder (funny? not where I come from!), constantly wrinkled boob. Boy, wrinkled boobs seem to be a real problem out there. I better start paying closer attention to mine!

  20. Words escape me. ‘Nuff said.

    “Aggressive Cupcakes,” though, has endless possibilities. I may steal that. πŸ™‚

  21. Steven Harris

    Aggressive cupcakes sounds like the ultimate in hard-sell. “Hey you, eat us or we’ll get nasty!” πŸ˜‰

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