!!! At The Movies

When I need to escape where do I go? The theater. The movie theater.

I typically go during matinée pricing (I’m all frugal that way) yet I’ll pay almost $10 for popcorn and coke. A movie experience isn’t a movie experience without my popcorn and coke. I usually go alone. It’s the only way I can guarantee I’ll actually see the movie in the theater before it goes to DVD. I love to sit in the very back row so I can enjoy the audience experience, as well. See them laugh or jump. Or notice the shoulders gently bobbing during a particularly sad scene.

There are certain movies I could see again and again. Movies that bring !!! every single time.

I know every line to every song in this movie. I played Maria in our elementary school production, Liesl in high school and Sister Margaretta in a community production. When I visited Austria in high school my friend and I hunted down places of interest to take pictures. You could say I was a little obsessed.

And even though I know what happens next, Psycho still gives me the creeps.

I could watch them all, but the first one is still my favorite.

From my childhood and now my kids love to watch this one over and over. So many sweet life lessons in this film.

So thought-provoking and so many layers. I’ve seen it a few times and each time I get something new from it.

One of my favorite comedies. So fun. So funny. A classic.

I could go on and on and on. This tiny little sampling doesn’t even scratch the surface. Just some of the few movies that bring me !!!

For more !!! visit Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.


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15 responses to “!!! At The Movies

  1. I loved E.T. and Tootsie! Crash was a different story…it made me wail uncontrollably (I don’t mind movies that make me cry, but that one upset me to the point of “ugly crying”).


  2. I love the Sound of Music…up until she bags the Captain. Then, I get bored. I’m annoying that way.

  3. You have very eclectic tastes in movies! I’m glad you get to do what for you is clearly a great love. I have to confess I prefer to watch movies at home, I don’t like popcorn or coke but I do rather enjoy having a glass of wine in one hand and a bowl of honey roast cashew nuts in the other. Also the pause button means I don’t miss important bits when I have to run to the bathroom or go and get an ice cream to round things off just nicely 🙂

  4. I haven’t seen ET in forever! I need to watch that.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen The Sound of Music, but I seem to remember liking the first half much better than the second half.

  5. Most of the time we watch movies at home when Netflix gets them and sends them out to me. In some cases, that’s good, because I’d be really upset if I’d paid more to see them. Every once in awhile, we, or I, get to the theater. But I really resent what it costs because, like you, have to have that popcorn and coke.

    My all-time favorite movies (since adulthood – we’ll not name the musicals I loved as a kid): Patch Adams; Blindside; Eat Pray Love.

  6. I’m laughing because I just took a break from writing and the sound track I was listening to was the Sound of Music!

  7. Just seeing the cover of the Tootsie DVD makes me smile! These are classic films. Love your list!

  8. Sound of Music, ET and The Godfather are my favorites as well. Nice list Jane. And I am totally there with the popcorn and coke.

  9. I loved Tootsie. I think Jessica Lange is wonderful.

  10. ck

    The Godfather, especially the first one, will always bring !!! to our house. The third one, well, I still haven’t been able to sit through the whole thing. And I haven’t seen the Sound of Music in so long that I’m feeling inspired to put it in the que…

  11. Mine is Dirty Dancing…I wish I could see that in a theatre alone and just soak it up.

    I never think to go to the movies alone. What a GREAT idea! I think I’ll try that soon!!!

  12. The Sound of Music is one of the favorites for myself and the boys. The Japanese animation Totoro always brings a big smile to my family too. For my husband and me? there is this little known movie called The Wrong Guy starring Dave Foley that always always makes us LOL throughout the entire movie. We have no idea why.

  13. Jen

    Oh, I love going to the movies. By myself!!! My votes for faves include Dirty Dancing and Singles.

  14. I love your !!!. Movies are awesome to forget about the real world for a little while.

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