Yo, Jane’s Riffin’ On Twilight, She Be All Emo And Dat

I needed a laugh. So I hopped on over to YouTube. I suppose I’m missing my high school students. Or maybe I’m still struggling to appreciate the Twilight series. Maybe I am still stuck in yesterday’s post. But I stumbled upon this and I couldn’t stop giggling.  A good sign.

Now I have to warn you. It uses “complex” words like: angst (the blues), immolate (sacrifice), and transform (change). Oh, and it also uses slang like: Yo (an informal name given to one whose name is not known), emo (a genre of melancholy punk music that appeals to teens), and riffin’ (overreact). So be prepared. There’ll be a quiz afterwards.

(Just kidding about the quiz, y’all. Peace out!)


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8 responses to “Yo, Jane’s Riffin’ On Twilight, She Be All Emo And Dat

  1. suzicate

    Thanks for the chuckle…glad there’s no quiz!

  2. Yo! I don’t get the whole Twilight thing, either! And I, too, sometimes really miss my high school kids.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  3. Damnit! What the hell did my husband do to my speakers?! UGH!!!!

  4. unabridgedgirl

    Hahahah! I loved this, especially because I really can’t stand the series. Funny stuff.

  5. LOL! Didn’t even try to read the books or the movies. I did read the one spoof review/summary online that made me laugh so hard and I felt I knew the entire storyline already. 😉

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