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I Survived Another Visit With The In-Laws And Got The Last Word

We just survived (I’m kidding Mom!) a visit from the in-laws. And I really am kidding about surviving – they are very easy house guests. They help with the boys so I can cook and bake (which I love to do – uninterrupted). They clean the kitchen after I cook and bake. They keep their things neat and tidy. They’re always up for an adventure.

And now I feel like I’m sucking up to soften the blow.

Maybe I am.

You be the judge.

My mother-in-law knows how to push my buttons. Her son is her Golden Boy (as every son should be). And there are times when I think she sees me as the evil-daughter-in-law. Even though we live a very comfortable life she still thinks I should go back to work and stop mooching off her son. She doesn’t say that in so many words but her comments more than imply it. This last visit she asked again if I was planning on going back to work now that the boys were in school full-time.

“No,” I politely replied.

“Even when they graduate from high school?” she asked incredulously.

“You mean when I’m 58?” I asked. (Yes, you read that right. Here. I’ll do the math for you. I had my youngest when I was 40.)

She then launched into a long lecture on how I wrap myself too much into my children. That I need to create a life of my own. My career isn’t going to be there when I’m 58 and so close to retirement age. I need to keep my foot in the door.

I told her, “I’m fine with the way things are now. It allows me to be the kind of mom I want to be for my kids.”

“But what will you do with yourself when they all move out?” she asked.

“Cherish the memories I’m creating now, ” I smiled.

And then a day later I found this on Momalon, one of my new favorite blogs. I think this has made the rounds in emails and on other blogs.

It is worth watching.

More than once.

Please refill that coffee cup, sit back and enjoy this beautiful testament to mothers cherishing the simple moments with our children.

It’s simply beautiful.


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