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To Are Or Not To Are – THAT Is The Question

I have a blast writing about the search engine results that bring people to my blog. See here and here and here and here (where we all shared). Now that I can see just how many times I’ve written about search engine results in my short career as a blog writer, I think I need to broaden my horizons, or at least create its own category.

Today, this search engine term found my blog:

Glad you be my neighbor

After a fit of giggles, I just want to say, I’m so glad you found my blog with that search.

1. Because that’s going to make me laugh for days

2. It’s an opportunity for me to send you here (Lesson Tutor – “because everyone needs a little help now and then”) and here (Grammar Guide) and here (Quiz School – Verb Usage) and here (Hamlet’s Soliloquy – just for fun).

Now, quit wasting your time reading these blogs and go get ed-u-ma-cated!



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