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Wrinkled Boobs, Lucky Charms Cakes And Helping You To Spell Flummoxed – Guess I’m Just A Wealth Of Information

This probably only interests me. So I apologize in advance if I’m boring you. And there is so much great stuff out there, you could go somewhere else. I’m just sayin’.

I receive the most amusing search terms to find my blog. I really, really do. They make me laugh. And they make for nice, light material after two really depressing posts.

spell “flummoxed” – I guess once a teacher, always a teacher. I’m just glad someone was able to come here, read a little something fun and get ed-u-ma-cated all in one shot. (Now, the insecure me is racing back to said post, making sure I didn’t misspell flummoxed.)

husband online all day – I have no idea which post this would have generated and I want to assure all of you out there my husband is NOT addicted to the internet. End of story. Now stop asking.

jane is sleeping – Again, no idea how my blog popped up for that search. ‘Cause I have little kids. And a night owl teenager. Sleep is a luxury in this house. I wish Jane were sleeping.

wrinkled hanging boobs – Enough already!

chipped my front tooth on a staple – Ok. That really happened. And I wrote about it here. But I had it fixed so I’m cleverly disguised. You might not even recognized me if you saw me out and about in Blog World. I’m just relieved that I’m not the only one who’s done it.

hornyteens – Typed just like that. No space. All together now! And a-one-and-a-two-and-a three….Whaaaaaa? Searching for horny teens and you found me? First of all that was a long, long time ago. Second, if you’re talking about my teaching years – yes, I taught many the horny teen but I’m sure I didn’t blog about them. That’s just gross. Third, ewwwwwwww.

my favorite babysitter 10, blue – ? That’s all I got – ?

alleluia bon jovi – Now, I hate to break it to you Bon Jovi fans out there – because I know you all hang on my every music recommendation – but I’m not a huge fan of Bon Jovi. So I’m sure I’ve never written about them here. Or anywhere, for that matter. Especially with alleluia immediately preceding the name. How did that happen?

my husband sucks the joy out of life – There we go again with the husband bashing. I don’t bash my husband here! That’s for this blog. (Incidentally, a funny blog for when a particular someone is driving you crazy.) And my husband never sucks the joy out of life. (fingers and toes crossed, biting back a big guffaw)

lucky charms cake – Sounds interesting. I’m intrigued. But you landed here? Sounds more like something my good friend TKW would cook up!

what does a woman 120 pounds 5 ‘5 look like – Come a little closer, honey, and I’ll show you. (wink, wink) But seriously, Buddy. Every woman in those crazy chat rooms you hang out in says she’s 5’5″ and 120 lbs. You need to turn off the computer, quit sucking the joy out of life and get out there and meet REAL people. Seriously, dude.

do boobs get wrinkled – Apparently, YES. But I can only answer in the affirmative based on the number of times other people search about wrinkled boobs and ended up here. I’m just left wondering how it is so many of you out there have seen me naked?


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