Curses You, George Vernon Hudson!

Curses you, George Vernon Hudson!

George is the reason I’m so exhausted this morning.

George is the reason that there is a 68% increase in lost days of work around this time of year due to injury on the job.

George is the reason that there will be a spike in heart attacks this week.

Because of George, children across the country may be waiting for their school bus in the dark.

And if my kids get sick in the next few days, I’m blaming George!

George is responsible for my certain crabbiness for the next few days because, frankly, it’s all his fault.

Curses you, Daylight Saving Time!

(The inspiration for this post came from my curiosity of whose stupid idea this was, anyway. Because it certainly wasn’t a mother who thought, “Let’s deprive everyone of an hour of sleep during flu and cold season. What a great idea!”)


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30 responses to “Curses You, George Vernon Hudson!

  1. suzicate

    Thanks for putting a name on this.So much more fun to curse at someone rather than something!

  2. To think that I’ve been blaming Ben Franklin all these years and feeling guilty about it since he was a Founding Father and all.

    When G-Man complained this morning about losing an hour of sleep I told him that he would get it back in October. Oh, you should have seen the look I got!

  3. George Vernon Hudson; I’m gonna remember that. Thanks.

  4. LOL@Erica. Frankly, I like DST, after the first few days of sleepiness. But I’m from northern British Columbia, where without DST, we wouldn’t see much late afternoon sun. The effects are definitely different, depending on where a person lives. The schools are out today due to a schedule teacher inservice day. I wonder if they did that to avoid having tired, cranky children filling the schools the day after DST? Hmn…conspiracy theory time!

  5. I always forget, and then I remember, how this lost hour messes with all of our clocks. Yesterday was a bad day for all of us in this house, and I couldn’t understand why. Then I remembered. Today is starting out to be another bad day. Why? This man you mention. I’ll have to look into the history of this further. Should we start some sort of revolution? (Because seriously, every year, I start to feel better when daylight streams in my morning window. And then, because of DST, it’s dark again.)

  6. It worries me that kids have to catch their school bus in the dark every morning. In my neighborhood, even the first graders have to be at bus stop at 6:40 AM. Just when the days get long enough that the little folks can wait in daylight, we take it away from them.

    I’m not a fan of DST.

  7. Entrepreneur lives for DST! I live for the fall-back-gain-an-hour-of-sleep time in October. But I must confess, I do like it being light outside until 9pm in the summer. I hope you can muddle through the transition until your body clock wakes up and resets itself. Hey, is there any chocolate birthday cake left …….? Hmmm. Just a thought.

  8. This morning totally SUCKED. So glad I now have the name of this guy, so I can mentally kick his ass.

  9. I’d always thought it was Ben Franklin. But your link to GVH’s Wikipedia page corrects me. Now, the only redeeming thing about this day (in which I am irrevocably sleepy) is that I have learned something new. Thanks!

  10. unabridgedgirl

    I hate daylight savings. My body does, too.

  11. angelcel

    You’ve just reminded me, this little gem in the calendar is to happen for us here in the UK on March 28th, when we lose an hour to switch to British Summer Time. It’s total pants, all this clock tinkering malarkey and for us it was someone called William Willett who was to blame. ….There’s always one bright spark isn’t there?! …Should have kept his bright ideas to himself if you ask me 😉

  12. I can’t believe I haven’t looked it up on Wikipedia yet! Arrggh. Curses to George.

  13. I really need the added daylight about this time. So its worth the trouble for me. But bedtime last night SUCKED!!!

  14. jen

    This morning, getting everyone out of the house on time, was EVIL. Thanks for giving me someone to blame.

  15. ck

    Dang blast that George Vernon Hudson.

    Now, if we could just uncover the bastard to coined “Terrible Twos” my conquest of planet earth would be complete.

  16. A curse on all his houses.

  17. I totally didn’t get it until I got the brilliant idea of following the link! Hahaha. I am with your. Screw George whatshis name! (Although it was kind of lovely when it was still light at 7 PM last night which means I can walk to my writing workshop tonight.)

  18. Ah HA! Now I know who’s behind my least favorite day of the year! Miserable springing forward and all that. Thanks for doing the research 🙂

  19. So anything I find wrong today is being blamed on him too!

  20. I concur.

    George clearly did not have young children on sleep schedules when he thought of this cockamamie idea.

  21. F—ing hate daylight savings time, or, as we call it, national conspiracy to F— with Parents.
    It’s a stupid policy. Move the whole year to whatever we have now and NEVER change the time again.
    Hate the whole thing. We’re not farmers. We have lights. F— saving daylight. Save my sanity and don’t change my kid’s bedtime!!!!!
    (sorry you took the brunt of that, Jane. I know it’s George’s fault.)

  22. Ooooooh, my son woke up sick this morning. Not only do I need that extra hour to sleep, now I need it to clean up puked-on sheets. Curses, George, curses!

  23. This is so funny! And true! I had a hard time falling asleep and now at 2 am I woke up for no reason! Completely screwed up bio clock. Ugh.

  24. Stupid DST! At least I’m back in the one state that doesn’t believe in it. I hated it back in CA.

  25. I’m with you, Jane. And I didn’t appreciate the sheer madness of DST until I became a mother and had to rationalize to my baby why he should be going to bed when it’s still light out!

    Down with George Vernon Hudson!

  26. I feel like I’ve been jilted an hour all the way till October. Now I know who to blame.

  27. I hate daylight savings time. It’s too hard to get my son (who loathes any change whatsoever, by the way) to alter his schedule. So I have to adjust his schedule in 15 minute increments for days at a time in order to get him back onto his “old” schedule.

  28. Congrats to you George Vernon Hudson! And you are a fellow Kiwi too.
    I had Flicker birds (like wood peckers) doing drum rolls on my window at 6:30am PDST in Vancouver this morning… one told them to sleep in.
    Daylight saving is great if you enjoy getting out into the mountains late in the day. But probably rotten in you are an early morning construction worker.

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